The Production Process

Vidaer’s Production Process

  • Turning visions into reality –


“When I shoot something, and make the final product, I’m in awe.” Sukhi Walia, Vidaer Founder


The process of starting with an idea to delivering a cinema quality product is one that mixes creativity, planning, research and exceptional professional expertise.

Vidaer’s process is what sets them apart in the videography and cinematography industry. Critical to this success has been their storyboarding formula, location-scouting techniques, and postproduction skill set.

A relaxed consultation with a client gives Vidaer the opportunity to understand the client’s vision, taking their ideas and weaving in cinematography know-how, flowing into a co-created video design brief, and formulating a conceptual storyboard.


Vidaer’s location scouting process creates efficiencies and cuts costs. Vidaer uses local knowledge, working in with natural features, arranges permits, manages site dressing, and locates site preparation tools.

Vidaer prides itself on welcoming all clients onsite for a shoot, allowing all parties to work in a creative space, without having to worry about administrative distractions.


With extensive and diverse experience in almost every musical genre, Vidaer Founder Sukhi Walia is able to curate or create music that is appropriate for any video.

Vidaer understands that videography is as much about what viewers see on screen as what they hear – and finds it easy to orchestrate and enhance a video with melody.

A video is delivered on time, every time. This is the Vidaer promise.