Music Videos

Vidaer Founder Sukhi Walia’s personal passion for music has seen him involved with the music industry for over two decades – singing, playing instruments, assisting bands and DJs, supporting the music community, and frequently arranging and attending gigs and shows all around Canada.

His wealth of knowledge about the industry gives him insight into what makes an excellent music video – and he delights in bringing a song to life through cinematography.

Due to Sukhi’s extensive experience and enviable musical network across all genres (including personal relationships with musicians and music production house heavyweights), Vidaer is regularly commissioned to create music videos for up-and-coming artists and established talent.

Music Video capability

  • Consults on music video elements
  • Talent scout for music video (including back up singers, dancers and instrumentalists)
  • Music video direction
  • Shooting and filming all music video requirements
  • Recording and editing capability with superior SFX technology